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Make cheap calls to Africa

Make really cheap international calls to Africa with Localphone. There are no contracts or monthly fees, you just pay for the calls you make.

Learn how to make calls from your landline, mobile, or computer.

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CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkPrice / min
AlgeriaLandlinesAll Landlines3.7p
MobilesDjezzy, Mobilis, Wataniya20.9p
Algeria Telecom Satellite, Divona Satellite, Orascom Satellite50p
AngolaLandlinesAll Landlines5.6p
MobilesAll Networks5.6p
Ascension IslandLandlinesAll Landlines£1
MobilesAll Networks£1
BeninLandlinesAll Landlines12.4p
MobilesAll Networks12.4p
BotswanaLandlinesAll Landlines6.1p
MobilesAll Networks13.2p
Burkina FasoLandlinesAll Landlines13.9p
All Other Mobiles18.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers18.9p
BurundiLandlinesAll Landlines26.9p
MobilesAll Networks26.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£1
CameroonLandlinesAll Landlines8.9p
MobilesAll Networks19.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers7.5p
Cape VerdeLandlinesAll Landlines10.7p
MobilesAll Networks19p
Central African RepublicLandlinesAll Landlines18.9p
MobilesMoov, Orange20.7p
Nationlink, Telecel27.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£5
ChadLandlinesAll Landlines16.9p
All Other Mobiles35.9p
ComorosLandlinesAll Landlines15.9p
MobilesAll Networks23.9p
National NumbersAll Numbers23.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers23.9p
CongoLandlinesAll Landlines23.2p
MobilesAll Networks24p
Democratic Republic of the CongoLandlinesAll Landlines14.9p
MobilesAll Networks14.9p
PremiumAll Premium Numbers21.5p
Diego GarciaLandlinesAll Landlines82.5p
MobilesAll Networks82.5p
DjiboutiLandlinesAll Landlines23.2p
MobilesAll Networks23.2p
EgyptLandlinesAll Landlines4.4p
Equatorial GuineaLandlinesAll Landlines12.4p
MobilesAll Networks12.4p
EritreaLandlinesAll Landlines16.5p
MobilesAll Networks16.5p
EthiopiaLandlinesAll Landlines14.5p
MobilesAll Networks14.5p
GabonLandlinesAll Landlines27.5p
MobilesAll Other Mobiles27.5p
GambiaLandlinesAll Landlines38.9p
MobilesAll Networks38.9p
PersonalAll Numbers38.9p
GhanaLandlinesAll Landlines12.4p
MobilesAll Networks12.4p
GuineaLandlinesAll Landlines29.9p
MobilesAll Other Mobiles21.5p
Cellcom, Intercel, Orange24.5p
MTN, Sotelgui27.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£5
Guinea-BissauLandlinesAll Landlines19.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£5
Ivory CoastLandlinesAll Landlines14.7p
MobilesAll Networks18.7p
Special ServicesAll Numbers65p
KenyaLandlinesAll Landlines8.1p
MobilesAll Networks8.1p
Special ServicesAll Numbers8.1p
LesothoLandlinesAll Landlines13.2p
MobilesAll Networks13.2p
LiberiaLandlinesAll Landlines23.9p
MobilesAll Networks23.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£5
LibyaLandlinesAll Landlines14p
MobilesAll Networks19.9p
MadagascarLandlinesAll Landlines37.9p
MobilesAll Networks37.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£5
MalawiLandlinesAll Landlines20.9p
MobilesAll Networks20.9p
MaliLandlinesAll Landlines12.9p
MauritaniaLandlinesAll Landlines24p
MobilesAll Networks24p
MauritiusLandlinesAll Landlines8.2p
MobilesAll Networks8.2p
MoroccoLandlinesCassablanca, Maroc, All Other Landlines1.2p
Meditel, WANA7.5p
MobilesAll Other Mobiles22.9p
Wana Full Mobility25.5p
MozambiqueLandlinesAll Landlines3.9p
All Other Mobiles15.9p
NamibiaLandlinesAll Landlines4p
MobilesAll Networks9p
NigerLandlinesAll Landlines20.9p
MobilesAll Networks20.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers20.9p
NigeriaLandlinesAll Landlines2.9p
MobilesAll Other Mobiles2.9p
ReunionLandlinesIsland Fixed2.4p
Mayotte Island Fixed4.9p
MobilesAll Networks7.4p
RwandaLandlinesAll Landlines15.5p
MobilesAll Other Mobiles15.5p
Saint HelenaLandlinesSt. Helena49.9p
St. Helena Tristan De Cunha58.2p
MobilesSt. Helena49.9p
St. Helena Tristan De Cunha58.2p
Sao Tome and PrincipeLandlinesAll Landlines59p
MobilesAll Networks59p
Special ServicesAll Numbers59p
SenegalLandlinesAll Landlines21.5p
MobilesAll Other Mobiles21.5p
Mobility Services - Sentel27.9p
SeychellesLandlinesAll Landlines26.9p
MobilesAll Networks26.9p
PremiumAll Premium Numbers31.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£3.19
Sierra LeoneLandlinesAll Landlines24.9p
MobilesAll Networks24.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£5
SomaliaLandlinesAll Landlines25p
MobilesAll Networks25p
PremiumAll Premium Numbers29p
Special ServicesAll Numbers29p
South AfricaLandlinesAll Landlines1.7p
MobilesAll Other Mobiles4.5p
Special ServicesAll Numbers7.4p
South SudanLandlinesAll Landlines16.6p
MobilesAll Networks18.9p
SudanLandlinesAll Landlines9.9p
MobilesAll Networks11.5p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£5
SwazilandLandlinesAll Landlines3.2p
MobilesAll Networks9.9p
TanzaniaLandlinesAll Landlines20.9p
MobilesAll Networks20.9p
TogoLandlinesAll Landlines19.9p
MobilesAll Networks19.9p
Special ServicesAll Numbers19.9p
TunisiaLandlinesAll Landlines24.9p
MobilesAll Networks24.9p
UgandaLandlinesAll Landlines19.5p
MobilesAll Networks19.5p
Special ServicesAll Numbers19.5p
ZambiaLandlinesAll Landlines4.3p
MobilesAll Networks8.7p
ZimbabweLandlinesAll Landlines6.5p
PremiumAll Premium Numbers16.5p

Prices are shown in British pence per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

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Rates per minute starting at:

South Africa1.7p
United Arab Emirates9.9p
United Kingdom0.3p
United States0.4p
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  • Calling India from the UK is now cheaper than calling STD numbers from India.

    Vishnu G. - Twitter
  • Impressed with the speed of reply & honest feedback from Localphone - nice one guys.

    Jonathan J. - Twitter

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