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Make cheap calls to Oceania

Make really cheap international calls to Oceania with Localphone. There are no contracts or monthly fees, you just pay for the calls you make.

Learn how to make calls from your landline, mobile, or computer.

Change currency:
CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkPrice / min
American SamoaLandlinesAll Landlines3p
MobilesAll Networks3p
AustraliaLandlinesAll Landlines0.9p
MobilesAll Networks4.8p
National NumbersAll Numbers1.6p
Special ServicesAll Numbers£1.666
Cook IslandsLandlinesAll Landlines37.6p
MobilesAll Networks37.6p
PremiumAll Premium Numbers43.9p
FijiLandlinesAll Landlines13.2p
All Other Mobiles15.7p
French PolynesiaLandlinesAll Landlines11.5p
MobilesAll Networks19.9p
GuamLandlinesAll Landlines0.8p
MobilesAll Networks0.8p
KiribatiLandlinesAll Landlines44.2p
MobilesAll Networks44.2p
Marshall IslandsLandlinesAll Landlines16.5p
MobilesAll Networks16.5p
MicronesiaLandlinesAll Landlines13.2p
MobilesAll Networks13.2p
NauruLandlinesAll Landlines46.5p
MobilesAll Networks46.5p
New CaledoniaLandlinesAll Landlines12p
MobilesAll Networks12p
New ZealandLandlinesAll Landlines0.8p
MobilesAll Networks4.9p
NiueLandlinesAll Landlines41.5p
MobilesAll Networks41.5p
PremiumAll Premium Numbers41.5p
Norfolk IslandLandlinesAll Landlines£1.041
MobilesAll Networks£1.041
Northern Mariana IslandsLandlinesAll Landlines1.6p
MobilesAll Networks1.6p
PalauLandlinesAll Landlines16.5p
MobilesAll Networks16.5p
Papua New GuineaLandlinesAll Landlines39.9p
MobilesAll Networks39.9p
SamoaLandlinesAll Landlines33.9p
MobilesAll Networks33.9p
Solomon IslandsLandlinesAll Landlines58.2p
MobilesAll Networks58.2p
TokelauLandlinesAll Landlines65.8p
MobilesAll Networks65.8p
TongaLandlinesAll Landlines23.9p
MobilesAll Networks23.9p
TuvaluLandlinesAll Landlines33.2p
MobilesAll Networks33.2p
VanuatuLandlinesAll Landlines36.9p
MobilesAll Networks36.9p
Wallis and FutunaLandlinesAll Landlines33.2p

Prices are shown in British pence per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Our low call rates

Rates per minute starting at:

South Africa1.7p
United Arab Emirates9.9p
United Kingdom0.3p
United States0.4p
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Customer reviews

  • Impressed that Localphone offers local numbers for 2,276 locations across 44 countries.

    Jonathan J. - Twitter
  • Global roaming charges suck… I use Localphone when I’m overseas… so much better!

    Steve O. - Twitter

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