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Unlimited calls to a friend in the Philippines

Make unlimited calls to one PLDT landline for $39.99 a month

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$39.99 a month

Our unlimited plan is different

  • No replacement SIM or adaptors neededBoth you and your contact in the Philippines use the phones you already have.
  • Call from your phone or computerYou can call from any of your registered mobile or landline numbers. Plus, you can also call using our Internet Phone.
  • No daily call limitsYou can talk for as long as you like. We don’t have daily or monthly restrictions so it really is unlimited calling.
  • Get connected straight throughYou get a local number that connects straight to your contact. Save this number to your phone and call as much as you like!
  • Try before you buyBefore you make a payment you can try our service out with a free 5 minute call to your friends abroad.

Simple, reliable, value for money

If you frequently call a friend or relative who has a PLDT landline this plan is perfect for you. Sign up or log in to Localphone, add their number to your contacts list and make your first payment.

We will give you a local number to dial that connects straight to their Filipino number.

Works with PLDT

High quality calls connected through PLDT, the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines.

You can call PLDT landline and Landline Plus numbers. Tell your friends and family to get a Landline Plus number to make their landline portable.

Try us out with a free call

How it works

  • 1.

    Sign up for a Localphone account or existing customers log in

  • 2.

    Add a Filipino number to your contacts list

  • 3.

    Make your first payment to activate unlimited calls

  • 4.

    Dial a local number to make unlimited calls to your contact

What you'll pay

No contract • cancel at any time • one fixed priceSubscription $39.99One-off activation fee $39.99

This service requires you to dial a local landline number, that means you may also pay your phone provider local charges. If you get free landline minutes these calls will be included.

Purchase your unlimited plan

About this service

  • Can I make a test call before I buy an unlimited plan?Yes! If you're a new customer you can try this service out by making a five minute free call. If you're an existing customer who has already made a free call this option won't be available.
  • Can I cancel the plan?There's no contract so you can cancel the plan at any point by contacting us. If you have already made a monthly payment you will still be able to make unlimited calls until the end of the month.
  • Which countries can I call from?You can call from any Local Numbers country. If you're not in one of these countries you can still purchase this product and call from your computer using Internet Phone.
  • Can I call to more than one number?Yes, you can purchase unlimited calls for multiple contacts. Each different contact will cost you $39.99.

Read our full terms and conditions for the Philippines unlimited Subscription

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