About Localphone

Localphone Ltd is the new business venture of British entrepreneur Paul Cusack.

Our history

During Paul’s time in his previous business—Ebuyer (UK) Limited—he travelled extensively, racking up huge telephone bills. During one of these trips he researched how he could reduce his phone bill and found the technology of Voice Over IP (VoIP). While the existing services that he found were adequate, he felt that the philosophies he had used in his previous business models could be used to create a better service, with a powerful, easy to use system, and extremely low pricing.

After many months of research, numerous courses, and with the help of a dedicated programming team, he has come up with a service that is everything he had hoped for. Localphone allows you, the customer, to make low cost calls from any location in the world—often for less than the price of a local phone call!

The Localphone Team are constantly working on new ideas and concepts that will enhance your communication while retaining the ease of use you have come to expect.

Honesty, transparency, reliability

At Localphone we want to be transparent with our customers. We provide a business address, a dedicated in-house support team, and unlike many of our competitors we don’t hide our fees behind expensive access numbers or connection charges. You can easily predict how much each call will cost you before you dial.

A secure service

Localphone takes the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. Our development team has many years of experience creating and maintaining safe, secure e-commerce websites and networks, and have employed industry-standard security measures to ensure the integrity of our customers’ data.

A carbon neutral website

In an effort to minimise our services’ impact on the environment we host our servers in a carbon-neutral facility in Amsterdam. We always seek to balance environmental concerns with our economic activities, and believe in sourcing partners and suppliers with a similar outlook on green issues.

Internet Telephony Service Providers’ Association

As a UK-based telecommunications company we felt it was important that Localphone joined the ITSPA to help create and maintain the industry’s Code of Best Practice.

Our membership affirms our commitment to providing a high quality, customer-focused service, as well as maintaining close and responsible relationships with both our partners and competitors in the industry.

2012 ITSPA Awards - Best Consumer VoIP, Highly Commended Award, Localphone are placed 2nd.

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Our low call rates

Rates per minute starting at:

South Africa6.1¢
United Arab Emirates15.9¢
United Kingdom0.6¢
United States0.5¢
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