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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve got a voucher code – how do I use it?

    We sometimes run promotions offering discounts using voucher codes. If you’ve got a voucher code just add it to your shopping cart when you add credit. New customers will need to sign up before placing their first order.

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  • Why am I asked for a PIN when I make a Local Numbers call?

    There are two reasons that this might happen

    1. You have called from a number that’s not registered with us. To register a new number click here.

    2. Your Caller ID is hidden. This means we can’t identify your phone and will ask for your account number and PIN. Your Caller ID is the number that displays when you call someone. If you enable your caller ID we should be able to identify your phone and we won’t need to ask for your PIN.

    To find details of your PIN and account number please click here.

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  • Why was my payment split into two amounts?

    As part of our commitment to security we occasionally require users to verify their details by splitting a payment into two random amounts. Since you are the only person that has access to your bank account / credit card statement, you are the only person that can discover these two amounts.

    For more information or to verify a recent payment please visit our Verify Payment page.

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