Complaints & nuisance calls

Are you receiving nuisance calls from our numbers, or do you have a complaint about our service? We’re here to help.

Nuisance calls

If you have received a spam call or other abuse it is not Localphone making these calls. We provide telecommunications services to our customers, just like your landline or mobile phone provider.

It is against the terms of use of our service for customers to make spam, harassing, or otherwise abusive calls. If you have received such a call and believe it was made using our service, we want to know about it so we can take action!

Please help us by emailing with as much detail as you can provide. Please include your phone number, the phone number you received the call from, the approximate date and time of the call, and why it was a nuisance call. Our team will investigate as soon as possible to prevent further abuse.

OFCOM complaints procedure

OFCOM is the UK Telecoms regulator responsible for creating the open marketplace that we enjoy today for Communications services in the UK. OFCOM provides the framework and legislation for Mobile Operators, Fixed Line Operators, TV broadcasters, Radio Broadcasters & ISPs.

OFCOM is responsible for managing the UK communications resources for Telephone Numbering & Radio Spectrum. It issues the licenses which the operators are bound by.

OFCOM regularly conducts studies in to the pricing of communications services in the UK market and has spearheaded the campaign that has led to UK subscribers enjoying some of the most competitive pricing in the world.

Under the General Conditions of Entitlement, providers supplying Public Electronic Communications Services to domestic snd small businesses customers are required to have and comply with procedures to conform to the Ofcom Approved Complaints Code when we handle complaints.

If you feel that you need to complain to us about our service please email and we will work to resolve your issue.

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