Receive a Callback from Localphone to get cheap international calls


Call us, we'll call you back anywhere in the world

  • Dial the Callback number

    Dial your Callback number & hang up after you hear the welcome prompt

  • Receive a call from Localphone

    After you hang up we will call you straight back

  • Make your call

    Enter your friend’s international number to connect at our low rates

Ring your calling card for free

  • Dial from anywhere in the world

    Call from anywhere in the world and you won’t be charged by your operator, only our low international rates

  • Use any phone

    Dial from one of your registered Localphone numbers and we will call you back

  • No internet connection required

    Just dial from your normal mobile or landline phone

  • Perfect for pre-paid (PAYG) mobile customers

    Call our Callback number for free and avoid paying your operator anything

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