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No expiry, no hidden fees

  • Tell us your local area

    Sign up and select a location that is local to you

  • Dial the Calling Card

    Call the cheap local number, then enter your friend’s international number

  • Save the number

    Re-use your Calling Card number to call any international contact

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Huge savings on international texts

  • Access our low rates when you’re on the move

    Cheap rates for numbers that aren’t in your saved contacts

  • Call contacts quicker with speed dials

    Fewer digits to dial to reach a contact when using Calling Card

  • Be safe with the optional PIN

    Activate your PIN for extra security if your phone is shared

Calls start at 0.3¢ per minute

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Get free credit by recommending your friends Recommend a friend and get 10% of all the call credit they add in the next 90 days.

Susie earned £6 of call credit when she recommended her two friends. That’s 1500 extra minutes to call home in the US from London.

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