Use Local Numbers to make cheap calls abroad from your mobile or landline


Stay in touch with loved ones

  • Add some contacts

    Sign up and add your friends and family as Localphone contacts

  • Get local numbers

    You’ll get a unique local number for each contact that connects straight through

  • Call from your phone

    Save these numbers to your phone and call them directly at our low rates

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The best way to call abroad

  • Really cheap call rates

    Call friends abroad at some of the lowest rates in the world

  • Only pay for the calls you make

    There are no hidden charges, connection costs or penalties

  • Great call quality

    Get a clear connection when you make a call

  • No re-dialling or calling card menus

    Dial your contacts and get connected right away

Calls start at 0.3¢ per minute

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Watch how our Local Numbers service works

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