Use Dial Online to call from your mobile without using your minutes


Click to start an international call

  • Decide who to call

    Sign up and tell us the number you want to call on our website

  • Click one button

    Click the “Make the call” button and we’ll call your phone

  • Chat to your friend

    Answer your phone and the call will be connected to your friend abroad

Read FAQs for more info

A great way to call abroad

  • Ideal for pre-paid mobile users

    Dial Online is great if you’re a pre-paid mobile customer and you’re running low on credit.

    By using the website to set up your call, the cost comes straight out of your Localphone balance. There’s nothing to pay to your phone provider.*

    * Note that if you pay roaming charges and are abroad, or pay any other fees for receiving calls, these would still apply.

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