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Rent an Incoming Number so friends and family can call you at local rates


Low rental rates for 45+ countries

  • Get your number

    Sign up and rent a number from one of over 45 destinations

  • Forward the calls

    Receive calls on your phone at low international rates, or get free calls with Internet Phone

  • Pay monthly

    The rental fee for the number comes straight out of your balance

Read FAQs for more info

Receive calls wherever you are

  • A cheap way for loved ones to call you

    Your friends can call you on a number that’s local to them

  • Great for businesses trading abroad

    International customers call you on a number in their country

  • You’re in control of how you receive the call

    Tell us whether you want to receive the call on your computer, mobile or landline. We also have a free voicemail option

Advanced users

Use an Incoming Number to receive calls on your own VoIP device.

Our VoIP service

Get free credit by recommending your friends Recommend a friend and get 10% of all the call credit they add in the next 90 days.

Susie earned £6 of call credit when she recommended her two friends. That’s 1500 extra minutes to call home in the US from London.

Earn free credit now

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Incoming numbers are meant for average retail customer use. This means that high volumes of incoming calls are not allowed. Incoming numbers are not to be used for call centers or business use where a large amount of incoming calls come in to each number. There will be a $0.01 surcharge assessed on a per call basis for each call to any incoming number that exceeds 100 calls per day per number.

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