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Localphone Basics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve got a voucher code – how do I use it?

    We sometimes run promotions offering discounts using voucher codes. If you’ve got a voucher code just add it to your shopping cart when you add credit. New customers will need to sign up before placing their first order.

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  • What will my phone provider charge?

    We'll charge the international leg of the call at our low rates.

    Your phone provider will charge for the local leg of the call at their standard rates. So that means, you'll pay what you'd usually pay to dial a local number. Often calls to local numbers are included free as part of your phone package. We recommend that you contact your phone provider to confirm the charge.

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  • Why am I asked for a PIN when I make a Local Numbers call?

    There are two reasons that this might happen

    1. You have called from a number that’s not registered with us. To register a new number click here.

    2. Your Caller ID is hidden. This means we can’t identify your phone and will ask for your account number and PIN. Your Caller ID is the number that displays when you call someone. If you enable your caller ID we should be able to identify your phone and we won’t need to ask for your PIN.

    To find details of your PIN and account number please click here.

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  • Are there any additional charges or hidden fees?

    We believe in being fair and transparent, so we only charge the amounts we show on our site. When you make a payment we give you the full amount as calling credit, and we will only charge you the per minute rate for calls as shown on our site. There are no connection charges, maintenance or service charges, or other hidden fees.

    If there are any other charges on your statement and you are outside of the UK this could be a charge made by your bank. Some US banks, but not all, charge for overseas transactions, you will need to contact your bank about this issue. We do have the PayPal option at our checkout for anyone who wants to avoid extra charges from their bank.

    You can find our full list of prices here

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  • Calls are connecting to the wrong numbers – why?

    If you're calling from a phone number which is on another account you could be connected to the wrong person.

    The local numbers you call aren't unique to you or your account. Therefore other users will be calling the same local numbers. The part that's linked to your account is where these numbers connect to. That means if you call from someone else's registered phone you could be connected to their contact.

    To resolve this issue please ask the person who you think may have this number on their account to remove it. We can not divulge the person who is already using this number.

    If this doesn't help please submit a ticket using the link below and let us know the following information.

    • Your Account Number
    • The number you are calling from
    • The access number you are calling
    • The end destination

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  • Can I delete my account history?

    This is not possible right now, but our engineers might have to archive information at some point.

    Although we can not say when this might be our customers will be informed before this happens.

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  • Can I use the service while I’m away or roaming?

    If you're planning to go travelling and want to use the Localphone service while you're abroad there are various factors you should consider.

    1. Whether we have access numbers in the country you're travelling to

    Before you travel if you go to your location on your dashboard you will be able to check if we have access numbers in this country. If we do have access numbers you can change your location to that area.

    Please note, you will only receive cheap calls if you use a telephone or registered SIM in the country you have chosen. If you use the telephone registered in your home country you may be charged for an international call by your provider.

    2. Whether you'll have access to a broadband connection

    If we do not have access numbers in that country and you have access to a broadband connection you will be able to use our Internet Phone service via VoIP. This will allow you to use your computer or a VoIP-enabled device to make telephone calls.

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  • How can I get a new password?

    Please notice the forgotten password link on the login page, your password will be e-mailed to you by following this link.

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  • How do I delete numbers from my account?

    Please click on the delete button if you are removing a ‘my number,’ from your dashboard.

    Click on edit to delete or edit your contact.

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  • How do I update my email address, credit card details and personal information?

    You can update this information in the Settings section of our site.

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  • I can not add my calling from number? It already exists in the system

    Our service works by linking your registered number to the access number given. If you're getting a message saying that your number is already in the system it could be for one of the following reasons:

    1. You might have set up a previous account and registered this number before.

    2. Someone else already has this number of their account (if more than one person is using it).

    3. The number you are trying to enter is shared and another person in the same building has an account with Localphone.

    Unfortunately, you can't have the same number on more than one account. If possible, the solution might be to delete from one and add to another. If you use a shared phone, one solution would be to delete the number from all accounts and call using our Calling Card service.

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  • Why can’t I see my calls/funds history?

    Please go to your Account History and click on the drop down ‘activity type’ then select ‘call funds’ to see your account activity.

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  • Will the app work if I am roaming in another country?

    The app will still work and Localphone’s low rates will still apply, however you may be subject to higher roaming charges by your mobile provider.

    To avoid high roaming charges contact your mobile provider or you can use a SIM local to the country you are visiting.

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  • Can I call to any destination with my free minutes?

    Unfortunately we have not been able to allow free calls to all destinations. A message will appear on your screen if this number is not within the free 5 minutes.

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Other Queries

For all other other queries please contact our Support Team.