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Frequently Asked Questions

Calling Card Troubleshooting

  • Why am I asked for a PIN when I make a Local Numbers call?

    There are two reasons that this might happen

    1. You have called from a number that's not registered with us. To register a new number click here.

    2. Your Caller ID is hidden. This means we can't identify your phone and will ask for your account number and PIN. Your Caller ID is the number that displays when you call someone. If you enable your caller ID we should be able to identify your phone and we won't need to ask for your PIN.

    To find details of your PIN and account number please click here.

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  • Calls are connecting to the wrong numbers – why?

    If you're calling from a phone number which is on another account you could be connected to the wrong person.

    The local numbers you call aren't unique to you or your account. Therefore other users will be calling the same local numbers. The part that's linked to your account is where these numbers connect to. That means if you call from someone else's registered phone you could be connected to their contact.

    To resolve this issue please ask the person who you think may have this number on their account to remove it. We can not divulge the person who is already using this number.

    If this doesn't help please submit a ticket using the link below and let us know the following information.

    • Your Account Number
    • The number you are calling from
    • The access number you are calling
    • The end destination

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  • I can not add my calling from number? It already exists in the system

    Our service works by linking your registered number to the access number given. If you're getting a message saying that your number is already in the system it could be for one of the following reasons:

    1. You might have set up a previous account and registered this number before.

    2. Someone else already has this number of their account (if more than one person is using it).

    3. The number you are trying to enter is shared and another person in the same building has an account with Localphone.

    Unfortunately, you can't have the same number on more than one account. If possible, the solution might be to delete from one and add to another. If you use a shared phone, one solution would be to delete the number from all accounts and call using our Calling Card service.

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  • I have added my phone number but I’m still told that my number is not recognised

    This could be because your caller ID is switched off. To check this try ringing another phone and look at what is displayed. If your number isn't shown, the caller ID could be disabled. Please make sure that it's shown to use our Local Numbers service.

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  • My call timings don’t match yours

    If you are using your cellphone to time the call then this doesn't have access to the underlying network signalling we have, it can only see the call from your phone to our access number, once you drop the call from your cell phone there is an element of signalling that needs to happen in order to clear down the call.

    We can assure you our call timings are very accurate and are driven by the underlying network signalling we receive from both parties in the call. We regularly audit our calls record against the downstream call records we receive from our termination suppliers and this confirms to us that our timings are correct.

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  • The calling card access number you have given me is not in my local area code.

    You can change your location at any time using the link near the top of the Calling Card page.

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  • When I try to add my phone number I am told it is already in the system.

    When you call in to our access numbers we identify you by the caller ID of the phone you are calling from. If you are receiving this error it means another Localphone user has already added this number to their account.

    You should either ask the other user to remove the number from their account, use the Localphone Calling Card instead, or use Localphone from a different phone.

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  • When I try to change my location my country or town isn’t in the list.

    If your country is not in the list then unfortunately we don’t offer some of our services where you are at the moment.

    Not to worry though, you can still get our same great rates with our Internet Phone service via VoIP.

    If you can select your country, but cannot find your town, please try selecting the nearest city to get your access numbers. If dialling these access numbers won’t be included in your free minutes, you may also want to try our Internet Phone service.

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Other Queries

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