Subscription FAQ

Your Minutes

Your Minutes are valid for 1 calendar month from when your Subscription payment completes*. At the end of this period any remaining minutes will be expired and your Subscription will be automatically renewed with the full included Subscription minutes.

*If you purchased your Localphone Subscription on the 29th/30th or 31st of the month then we will adjust your renewal date to the 28th of the month for all other payments.

Using your minutes

Any calls made to countries included within your Subscription will be deducted from your included Subscription minutes. If you run out of minutes you will be able to continue to make calls using your Localphone Call Credit at our standard low international rates. Localphone reserve the right to add or remove numbers and countries from a Subscription.

How we will take payment?

We will attempt to take payment upto 5 days prior to your Subscription renewal date via a registered credit card or Localphone call credit. If we have been unable to take payment upto your Subscription renewal date then your Subscription will be cancelled.

Can I use my Subscription with any number?

Your Subscription will work with 2 of your registered numbers and VoIP devices, meaning you can call from any registered Landline or Mobile. You will be required to select which numbers you want to use with your Subscription, these can be changed at any time upto 5 times in 1 calendar month. Localphone has the right to block any numbers that are misused.

Can I cancel my Subscription?

You are free to cancel your Localphone Subscription at anytime, your Subscription will run to the end of your current payment period but no further renewals will be taken. No refunds are available for this product.

Can I make a test call before I buy a Localphone Subscription?

Yes! If you're a new customer you can try this service out by making a five minute free call. If you're an existing customer who has already made a free call this option won't be available.

How do I know if a number is included in my Subscription?

All Landlines and Mobiles are included in your Subscription †. We only exclude Premium, special, service and non-geographical numbers. Localphone have the right to add or remove numbers from this list to prevent misuse of the service.

† The “Philippines - Manila Metro Landlines (632)” subscription only includes calls to landlines in Manila starting 632.

Can I have more than one Subscription to the same location?

Customers are limited to a single active subscription to any one destination within a billing period. We reserve the right to cancel subscriptions and accounts without refunding unused minutes where we suspect users have created multiple accounts to circumvent this limit.

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