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If you’re a student and new to Localphone you can get double credit on your first top-up, to a maximum of $10.

Sign up for a free account and use your unique voucher code at the checkout when you add credit.

The current offer has ended.

Get up to 2500 free minutes

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How the student offer works

  • Enter your academic email address (containing .edu or .ac) above to get your voucher code
  • Sign up for an account and register your number
  • Make your FREE test call
  • Enter your unique voucher code at the checkout. You can only use it once on your first order
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  • Calls are crystal clear with zero lag and rates were half of Skype’s!

    Matt L. - Twitter
  • makes calling international on the go so much cheaper!

    Janneke G. - Twitter
  • Please don’t ever disappear. I absolutely love your service.

    Vlad B. - Twitter
  • Localphone’s voice and service quality is excellent.

    Vimal G. - Twitter

To be eligible for this offer you must have access to an academic email address containing .ac or .edu from a known university or college. We will email a voucher code which gives double credit up to $10 and is designed for single use. The voucher code will expire 30 days from the date that it was emailed. See offer terms.