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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I expire a number?

    You can expire your number at any time by clicking on 'Incoming numbers' the expire link can be found by clicking into the number you wish to expire you will see the 'expire' button at the bottom of this page.

    You can activate your number again if you wish as long as that months rental has not run out by re clicking into the number and clicking 'activate'.

    Your number will stay on your account until the rental time has finished for example if you have paid for your number on the 20th March then decide you no longer need it and expire it on the 25th then the number will stay on your account until the 20th April.

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  • Can I get a block of sequential Incoming Numbers?

    We are able to offer sequential numbers in certain locations. Please contact us using the link below for further information and pricing.

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  • Can I pick my Incoming Number?

    No unfortunately you can not pick your incoming number they will be assigned to your account once they have been purchased.

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  • Do I have to pay for calls to my Incoming Number?

    We will only charge you if you choose to forward your Incoming Number to a landline or mobile, in which case you will be charged at our standard call rates.

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  • How long will it take to add my Incoming Number?

    It could take anywhere up to around 2 weeks to add your number to your account but we do endeavour to add them as quickly as we can.

    We do not hold these numbers in stock therefore we have to contact our carriers and buy these numbers.

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  • How will I be billed for my Incoming Number?

    The initial set-up fee and monthly payments will be taken from the credit that's in your account. Please make sure that you have enough credit in your account to cover the monthly charge for your Incoming Number.

    You can set your account to top-up automatically to make sure that your balance doesn't fall too low. To find out more go to the auto top-up page.

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  • My location is not on the list of Incoming numbers.

    The numbers we can obtain for you are the countries listed on the website if the country is not listed then unfortunately we are unable to purchase these at present but our buying team are always looking for new opportunities.

    Unfortunately due to government regulations we are unable to obtain numbers in India at this time. We realise this is something that would be very beneficial to our customers and be assured our buying team are constantly looking for any change to this situation.

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  • Once I place my order do I just wait?
  • Setting Outbound Caller ID

    You can set your Caller ID for outbound calls in the 'Advanced Settings' section of the VoIP menu on your Localphone account: Your Caller ID is hidden (change)

    Please be aware that you can only set your Caller ID to Hidden or to one of your 'Incoming Numbers'. Localphone do not provide you will the ability to set your Caller Id to any number as this could be easily abused.

    If the above explanation does not help resolve your query please 'Contact Our Support Team' using the button below. Please try and give as much information as possible as this will help us to answer your query a lot more efficiently.

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  • Will I be charged for calls forwarded from my Incoming Number?

    This depends on where you have your DID forwarded to. If you forward the calls from your DID to your VoIP device or Localphone Voice Mail then you will not be charged for the forwarding. However if you forward the call to a mobile or land line you will then be charged for the call at our standard rate to the country the phone is registered in. As you edit were you would like the calls to be forwarded to on the Localphone Incoming Numbers page you will be given the amount you would be charged by Localphone for this forwarded call.

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Other Queries

For all other other queries please contact our Support Team.