Adding credit is easy
pay with Paypal, uKash and major debit & credit cards

Top up your balance now

Where to find your balance

Your balance is shown online. When you make calls or send texts credit is deducted.

About Localphone credit

  • You decide how much credit to add

    You can top up from as little as $1 when using major credit cards. You can use Paypal or uKash if you want to add $10 or more.

  • Calls are charged at a per minute rate

    Duration is rounded up to the nearest minute.

  • Only pay for the calls you make or the texts you send

    Every cent you add goes straight on to your balance. (VAT is charged, when applicable on top of the amount you wish to add)

  • No hidden costs or extra charges

    There are no connection fees, or penalties applied to your credit.

  • Your credit lasts for 12 months

    All you need to do to keep your account active is to make a call at least every 12 months, otherwise you may lose unused credit.