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We’re cheaper than the competition for over 200 countries

Top countriesGreat savingsNumber of minutes you get with $15 credit (+ rate/min)
Save up toLocalphoneSkypeRebtelJajah
Canada90%5,000 0.3¢652 2.3¢1,000 1.5¢500
China66%1,250 1.2¢652 2.3¢789 1.9¢428 3.5¢
Dominican Republic81%500 161 9.3¢306 4.9¢92 16.2¢
India86%1,153 1.3¢163 9.2¢837 1.79¢185 8.1¢
Mexico92%3,000 0.5¢652 2.3¢789 1.9¢250
Pakistan88%833 1.8¢103 14.5¢428 3.5¢126 11.9¢
Philippines55%166 75 19.8¢137 10.9¢91 16.4¢
United States83%3,000 0.5¢652 2.3¢1,000 1.5¢500

Competitor rates based on the lowest cost of calling landlines or mobiles from a standard pay-as-you-go account. Last updated 28th July 2011.

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Get more minutes for your money

We provide some of the cheapest rates worldwide so if you top up with Localphone you can talk to your friends and family abroad for much longer.

Fantastic call quality

We keep our rates low but our call quality high. We check our suppliers frequently to ensure you get a crystal clear line for all our destinations.

What our customers think

  • Please don’t ever disappear. I absolutely love your service.

    Vlad B. - Twitter
  • Good value for money and less work to call overseas, thanx !!!

    Peter H. - Facebook
  • Localphone beats the customer service of any other phone company.

    Amy H. - Twitter
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