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Really cheap international call rates

Our call rates are some of the lowest in the world. You can access them through your mobile, landline, or computer, and we’re upfront about our costs - there’s no monthly fees, connection, or service charges.

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CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkPrice / min
AbkhaziaLandlinesAll Landlines11.9¢
MobilesAll Networks16.8¢
AfghanistanLandlinesAll Landlines19¢
MobilesAll Networks19¢
AlbaniaLandlinesAll Landlines16.9¢
MobilesAll Networks29.8¢
AlgeriaLandlinesAll Landlines5.5¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles38.5¢
American SamoaLandlinesAll Landlines5.9¢
MobilesAll Networks5.9¢
AndorraLandlinesAll Landlines2.5¢
MobilesAll Networks23¢
AngolaLandlinesAll Landlines8.9¢
MobilesAll Networks25.9¢
AnguillaLandlinesAll Landlines7.9¢
MobilesAll Networks20¢
AntarcticaLandlinesAll Landlines$1.25
MobilesAll Networks$1.25
Antigua and BarbudaLandlinesAll Landlines14¢
MobilesAll Networks22¢
ArgentinaLandlinesBuenos Aires0.7¢
Arguello, Azcuenaga, Bahia Blanca, Junin, La Plata, Mar Del Plata, Mendoza, Moreno, Neuquen, Parana, Rosario, Santa Fe, Teodelina, Villa Carlos Paz1.1¢
Campana, Casilda, Corrientes, La Pampa, Pilar, Resistencia, Rio Cuarto, Rio Tercero, San Juan, San Lorenzo, San Pedro, Tucuman, Valle Fertil1.5¢
Bariloche, Bragado, Buenos Aires Province, Buenos Merlo, C. Rivadavia, Catamarca, Concepcion, Concordia, Cordoba Province, Daireaux, Esquel, Formosa, Jujuy, La Falda, La Rioja, Miramar, North East - NEA, North West - NOA, Olavarria, Posadas, Rafaela, Rio Gallegos, Saenz Pena, Saenz Resistencia, Salta, San Francisco, San Luis, San Martin de los Andes, San Nicolas, San Rafael, Santa Fe Province, Santa Rosa, Sgo. del Estero, South Patagonia, Trelew, Trenque Lauquen, Ushuaia, Viedma, Villa Maria, Villa Mercedes, West - Cuyo1.9¢
All Other Landlines2.6¢
MobilesAll Networks17¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
ArmeniaLandlinesAll Landlines14¢
MobilesAll Networks18.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
ArubaLandlinesAll Landlines9.9¢
MobilesAll Networks16.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers16.9¢
Ascension IslandLandlinesAll Landlines$1.50
MobilesAll Networks$1.50
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
AustraliaLandlinesAll Landlines1.5¢
MobilesAll Networks7.5¢
National NumbersAll Numbers
Special ServicesAll Numbers$3
AustriaLandlinesNon Geographic Numbers4.9¢
All Other Landlines13¢
MobilesAll Networks25.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers50¢
AzerbaijanLandlinesAll Landlines17.9¢
MobilesAzercell, Azerfon, BakCell, Nakchivan25.9¢
Catel, CDMA29¢

Prices are shown in United States cents per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Incoming numbers are meant for average retail customer use and will be restricted to 2 incoming concurrent calls. This means that high volumes of incoming calls are not allowed. Incoming numbers are not to be used for call centers or business use where a large amount of incoming calls come in to each number. There will be a $0.01 surcharge assessed on a per call basis for each call to any incoming number that exceeds 100 calls per day per number.

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