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Our call rates are some of the lowest in the world. You can access them through your mobile, landline, or computer, and we’re upfront about our costs - there’s no monthly fees, connection, or service charges.

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CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkPrice / min
BahamasLandlinesAll Landlines20¢
MobilesAll Networks20¢
BahrainLandlinesAll Landlines10.5¢
MobilesAll Networks13¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
BangladeshLandlinesAll Landlines2.3¢
MobilesAll Networks2.7¢
BarbadosLandlinesAll Landlines18.9¢
MobilesAll Networks20.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
BelarusLandlinesAll Landlines30¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles30¢
Mobility services$2
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
BelgiumLandlinesAntwerp, Brussels2.2¢
Proximus, Telenet
All Other Landlines9.5¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles35¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers35¢
BelizeLandlinesAll Landlines21.9¢
MobilesAll Networks21.9¢
BeninLandlinesAll Landlines26.9¢
MobilesAll Networks26.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers$1
BermudaLandlinesAll Landlines6.9¢
MobilesAll Networks6.9¢
BhutanLandlinesAll Landlines13.9¢
MobilesAll Networks13.9¢
BoliviaLandlinesAll Other Landlines10.8¢
MobilesAll Networks17¢
Bosnia and HerzegovinaLandlinesAll Landlines14.9¢
MobilesAll Networks35.9¢
BotswanaLandlinesAll Landlines12.9¢
All Other Mobiles22.9¢
BrazilLandlinesRio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo0.9¢
Brasilia, Cities, Cities Others, Goiania, Metros, Region 1, Region 2, All Other Landlines1.4¢
MobilesAll Networks9.5¢
British Virgin IslandsLandlinesAll Landlines11.9¢
MobilesAll Networks20.9¢
BruneiLandlinesDarussalam Fixed5.2¢
Darussalam Fixed6.5¢
MobilesAll Networks6.5¢
BulgariaLandlines- Sofia8.3¢
All Other Landlines8.5¢
MobilesMobility Services6.5¢
Mobility Services Type B6.9¢
All Other Mobiles20.9¢
National NumbersAll Numbers8.5¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers59.9¢
Burkina FasoLandlinesAll Landlines32¢
MobilesAll Networks38¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
BurundiLandlinesAll Landlines44.8¢
MobilesAll Networks44.8¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$1

Prices are shown in United States cents per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.