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Call Japan from 1.6c

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Cheap calls to Japan from just 1.6c per minute with no contracts or hidden charges. Phone Japan for less with Localphone—sign up now and your first call is free!


By signing up for a Localphone Subscription you can get even cheaper call rates.

NameMinutesMonthly FeePrice / min
Japan 100100€5.505.5cSubscribe
Japan 400400€17.954.5cSubscribe

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CategoryLocality / NetworkPrice / min
LandlinesAll Other Landlines1.6c
IP Phone2.4c
MobilesAll Networks7.8c

Prices are shown in Eurocents per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

How to call Japan with Localphone

Cheaper than your Japan calling card

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Because our calls are free from hidden charges like connection fees or expensive access numbers, Localphone is cheaper than calling cards to Japan that may advertise a lower rate.

Our Local Numbers service makes calling Japan easier than ever before. Just tell us the number that you want to call and we’ll give you back a local number that connects straight to it. Save that number to your phone and use it to call Japan whenever you want. All you pay is the price of a local call (usually free) plus a small per minute amount to us.

Cheap VoIP calls to Japan

Phone Japan from your computer with our Internet Phone VoIP service. Get the same great rates to Japan from anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet connection, including free calls to other Localphone users.

To call Japan from your computer just download our free desktop Internet Phone.

Send cheap SMS to Japan

Our Global SMS service lets you send cheap international texts to Japan.

Just type in your message online and tell us which number to send it to. The text will look like it has come from your mobile phone. See our SMS rates for Japan.

Our low call rates

Rates per minute starting at:

South Africa8.5c
United Arab Emirates11.9c
United Kingdom0.5c
United States0.4c
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Customer reviews

  • Impressive VoIP call quality with Linksys ATA.

    David S. - Twitter
  • Calling India from the UK is now cheaper than calling STD numbers from India.

    Vishnu G. - Twitter

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