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CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkPrice / min
AbkhaziaLandlinesAll Landlines11.9¢
MobilesAll Networks16.8¢
AfghanistanLandlinesAll Landlines19¢
MobilesAll Networks19¢
ArmeniaLandlinesAll Landlines14¢
MobilesAll Networks18.9¢
National NumbersAll Numbers$5
AzerbaijanLandlinesAll Landlines17.9¢
MobilesAzercell, Azerfon, BakCell, Nakchivan25.9¢
Catel, CDMA29¢
BahrainLandlinesAll Landlines10.5¢
MobilesAll Networks13¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
BangladeshLandlinesAll Landlines2.3¢
MobilesAll Networks2.7¢
BelarusLandlinesAll Landlines30¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles30¢
Mobility services$2
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
BhutanLandlinesAll Landlines13.9¢
MobilesAll Networks13.9¢
BruneiLandlinesAll Landlines5.2¢
MobilesAll Networks6.5¢
CambodiaLandlinesAll Landlines5.7¢
MobilesAll Networks5.7¢
ChinaLandlinesAll Landlines5.2¢
MobilesAll Networks5.2¢
GeorgiaLandlinesAll Landlines16¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles16¢
Magticom, Mobitel26¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers14.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers50¢
Hong KongLandlinesAll Landlines3.1¢
MobilesAll Networks3.1¢
PersonalAll Numbers3.1¢
IndiaLandlinesAll Landlines1.7¢
MobilesAll Networks1.7¢
IndonesiaLandlinesAll Landlines4.9¢
MobilesAll Networks6.4¢
IranLandlinesAll Landlines14.5¢
MobilesAll Networks14.5¢
IraqLandlinesAll Other Landlines7.8¢
MobilesAll Networks21¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
IsraelLandlinesAll Other Landlines
MobilesAll Other Mobiles
Palestine Jawwal16.9¢
Palestine Wataniya17.5¢
JapanLandlinesAll Other Landlines
IP Phone2.9¢
MobilesAll Networks9.7¢
JordanLandlinesAll Landlines15¢
MobilesAll Networks17¢
KazakhstanLandlinesAll Landlines3.5¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles23.9¢
Mobile Telecom Services50¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
KuwaitLandlinesAll Landlines7.8¢
MobilesAll Networks7.8¢
KyrgyzstanLandlinesAll Landlines14.9¢
MobilesAll Networks20¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$1
LaosLandlinesAll Landlines7.9¢
MobilesAll Networks7.9¢
LebanonLandlinesAll Landlines15.5¢
MobilesAll Networks17.9¢
MacaoLandlinesAll Landlines8.5¢
MobilesAll Networks8.5¢
MalaysiaLandlinesAll Landlines2.5¢
MobilesAll Networks2.5¢
MaldivesLandlinesAll Landlines85.5¢
MobilesAll Networks85.5¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers$5
MoldovaLandlinesAll Landlines36.9¢
MobilesAll Networks26.4¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
MongoliaLandlinesAll Landlines5.9¢
MobilesAll Networks5.9¢
MyanmarLandlinesAll Landlines27.9¢
All Other Mobiles27.9¢
NepalLandlinesAll Landlines11.9¢
All Other Mobiles14.9¢
North KoreaLandlinesAll Landlines54.9¢
MobilesAll Networks54.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$10
OmanLandlinesAll Landlines9.9¢
MobilesAll Networks25.9¢
PakistanLandlinesAll Landlines4.4¢
MobilesTelenor, Warid3.5¢
Instaphone, Mobilink, Ufone, Zong, All Other Mobiles4.4¢
PalestineLandlinesAll Landlines13.9¢
MobilesAll Networks16.9¢
Globe On Net11.2¢
All Other Landlines13.5¢
Manila Metro13.8¢
Bayantel On Net, Digitel Onnet15.4¢
MobilesGlobe, Infocom, Smart14.9¢
ExTelcom, All Other Mobiles17.4¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers11.2¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
QatarLandlinesAll Landlines14.9¢
MobilesAll Networks16.9¢
RussiaLandlinesZone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 43.8¢
St. Petersburg, Zone 54.5¢
All Other Landlines9.3¢
MobilesMTS, Other18.9¢
Beeline, MTS22.5¢
Globaltel, GTNT, Iridium, Megafon, Other24.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$1
Saudi ArabiaLandlinesAll Landlines7.8¢
MobilesAll Networks11¢
SingaporeLandlinesAll Landlines
MobilesAll Networks
South KoreaLandlinesAll Landlines1.5¢
MobilesAll Networks3.9¢
PersonalAll Numbers1.5¢
Sri LankaLandlinesAll Landlines12.5¢
MobilesAll Networks12.5¢
SyriaLandlinesAll Other Landlines23.9¢
All Other Landlines39.9¢
MobilesAll Networks39.9¢
TaiwanLandlinesAll Landlines1.6¢
MobilesAll Networks8.5¢
TajikistanLandlinesAll Landlines12.5¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles13.4¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
ThailandLandlinesAll Landlines2.1¢
MobilesAll Networks5.4¢
Timor-LesteLandlinesAll Landlines89¢
MobilesAll Networks89¢
TurkeyLandlinesAnkara, Istanbul
All Other Landlines3.9¢
Northern Cyprus4.5¢
MobilesAll Networks16.2¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers
TurkmenistanLandlinesAll Landlines17.5¢
MobilesAll Networks17.6¢
United Arab EmiratesLandlinesAll Landlines17.9¢
MobilesAll Networks15.9¢
UzbekistanLandlinesAll Landlines9.6¢
MobilesAll Networks9.6¢
VietnamLandlinesAll Landlines6.9¢
MobilesAll Networks6.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$10
YemenLandlinesAll Other Landlines14.5¢
North Yemen Fixed$10
MobilesAll Networks14.5¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers13¢

Prices are shown in United States cents per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

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South Africa14.7¢
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United States0.5¢
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