Incoming Numbers in Nevada

Incoming DID Numbers in United States

If you buy a Localphone Incoming Number (also known as a “DID number”) in Nevada, United States, you can forward it to your existing landline or mobile at our low international call rates, or to our Internet Phone and Voicemail services for free.

Localphone also offers cheap calls to United States from anywhere in the world.

Change currency:
LocationPrefixSetup FeeMonthly Fee
Austin (775)775$3.00$0.99
Baker (775)775$3.00$0.99
Battle Mountain (775)775$3.00$0.99
Beatty (775)775$3.00$0.99
Carson City (775)775$3.00$0.99
Carson Plains (775)775$3.00$0.99
Ely (775)775$3.00$0.99
Empire (775)775$3.00$0.99
Eureka-Diamond Valley (775)775$3.00$0.99
Fish Lake Valley (775)775$3.00$0.99
Gabbs (775)775$3.00$0.99
Gardnerville (775)775$3.00$0.99
Hawthorne (775)775$3.00$0.99
Imlay (775)775$3.00$0.99
Indian Springs (702)702$3.00$0.99
Jean (702)702$3.00$0.99
Las Vegas (702)702$3.00$0.99
Lathrop Wells (775)775$3.00$0.99
Lovelock (775)775$3.00$0.99
Lund (775)775$3.00$0.99
Mina (775)775$3.00$0.99
Montgomery Pass (775)775$3.00$0.99
Pahrump (775)775$3.00$0.99
Reno (775)775$3.00$0.99
Round Mountain (775)775$3.00$0.99
Sandy Valley (702)702$3.00$0.99
Smith Valley (775)775$3.00$0.99
Winnemucca (775)775$3.00$0.99

Prices are shown in United States dollars. Monthly rates are paid once each calendar month.

Incoming numbers are meant for average retail customer use and will be restricted to 2 incoming concurrent calls. This means that high volumes of incoming calls are not allowed. Incoming numbers are not to be used for call centers or business use where a large amount of incoming calls come in to each number. There will be a $0.01 surcharge assessed on a per call basis for each call to any incoming number that exceeds 100 calls per day per number.

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South Africa6.1¢
United Arab Emirates15.9¢
United Kingdom0.6¢
United States0.5¢
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  • Great calling service with excellent support. Using Fring on iPhone to make SIP calls to India ;)

    Mohnish C. - Twitter
  • Localphone beats the customer service of any other phone company.

    Amy H. - Twitter

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