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Make cheap calls to Europe

Make really cheap international calls to Europe with Localphone. There are no contracts or monthly fees, you just pay for the calls you make.

Learn how to make calls from your landline, mobile, or computer.

Change currency:
CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkPrice / min
AlbaniaLandlinesAll Landlines16.9¢
MobilesAll Networks29.8¢
AndorraLandlinesAll Landlines2.5¢
MobilesAll Networks23¢
AustriaLandlinesNon Geographic Numbers4.9¢
All Other Landlines13¢
MobilesAll Networks25.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers50¢
BelgiumLandlinesAntwerp, Brussels2.2¢
All Other Landlines6.6¢
Proximus, Telenet
MobilesAll Networks35¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers35¢
Bosnia and HerzegovinaLandlinesAll Landlines11¢
MobilesAll Networks26¢
BulgariaLandlinesAll Landlines6.9¢
MobilesMobility Services6.5¢
Mobility Services Type B6.9¢
All Other Mobiles20.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers59.9¢
CroatiaLandlinesAll Landlines12.5¢
MobilesAll Networks33¢
CyprusLandlinesAll Landlines4.5¢
MobilesAll Networks7.6¢
National NumbersAll Numbers12.3¢
PagersAll Pagers7.6¢
Czech RepublicLandlinesAll Landlines
MobilesAll Networks10.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
DenmarkLandlinesAll Landlines
All Other Mobiles2.2¢
EstoniaLandlinesAll Landlines1.5¢
MobilesAll Networks36.5¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
Faroe IslandsLandlinesAll Landlines
MobilesAll Networks18.5¢
FinlandLandlinesAll Landlines35.9¢
MobilesAll Networks35.9¢
National NumbersAll Numbers35.9¢
PersonalAll Numbers35.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers35.9¢
Toll FreeAll Toll Free Numbers35.9¢
FranceLandlinesAll Landlines0.7¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles6.5¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers31.9¢
GermanyLandlinesAll Landlines0.7¢
MobilesAll Networks5.2¢
PersonalAll Numbers1.5¢
Shared Cost$1
GibraltarLandlinesAll Landlines3.2¢
MobilesAll Networks21.9¢
GreeceLandlinesAll Landlines2.1¢
MobilesAll Networks7.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
HungaryLandlinesAll Landlines
All Other Mobiles8.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers
IcelandLandlinesAll Landlines1.9¢
MobilesAll Networks11.9¢
IrelandLandlinesAll Landlines0.8¢
MobilesMeteor, O2, Vodafone12.9¢
H3G, Tesco, All Other Mobiles18¢
National NumbersAll Numbers15.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers10¢
ItalyLandlinesAll Landlines0.7¢
MobilesBT Italia, H3G, Lyca, Noverca, Poste, Tim, Vodafone, Vodafone MNVO, Wind, Wind MNVO, All Other Mobiles26¢
Elsacom, Interm39¢
LatviaLandlinesAll Other Landlines13.9¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles33.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
LiechtensteinLandlinesAll Other Landlines6.9¢
MobilesAll Networks39¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers90¢
LithuaniaLandlinesAll Landlines14.3¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles36.4¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
LuxembourgLandlinesAll Landlines1.9¢
MobilesAll Networks15.9¢
MacedoniaLandlinesAll Landlines17.9¢
MobilesAll Networks31.8¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$5
MaltaLandlinesAll Landlines1.9¢
MobilesAll Networks15.9¢
MonacoLandlinesAll Landlines5.9¢
MobilesAll Networks36.3¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$1
MontenegroLandlinesAll Landlines13¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles30¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers13¢
All Other Landlines1.5¢
MobilesAll Networks5.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers1.3¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$2.50
NorwayLandlinesAll Landlines0.9¢
MobilesAll Networks1.8¢
National NumbersAll Numbers25¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers12.5¢
PolandLandlinesAll Landlines
MobilesAll Other Mobiles
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
PortugalLandlinesAll Landlines1.5¢
MobilesOptimus, Tmn8.9¢
Lycamobile, Mundio, Vodafone, All Other Mobiles49.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers6.7¢
RomaniaLandlinesAll Landlines1.9¢
MobilesAll Networks5.5¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers75¢
San MarinoLandlinesAll Landlines2.8¢
MobilesAll Networks25¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers$1
SerbiaLandlinesAll Other Landlines14.9¢
MobilesMTS, Telenor, VIP29.9¢
All Other Mobiles33¢
All Other Landlines2.5¢
MobilesAll Networks11¢
SloveniaLandlinesAll Other Landlines16.5¢
MobilesAll Other Mobiles36.9¢
SpainLandlinesAll Landlines
MobilesDialoga M2M, Digi Spain Telecom, Euskaltel, Galicia, Ibercom, Ingenium, Jazz Telecom, KPN, Lycamobile, Movistar, Movistar M2M, Orange, Orange M2M, Parlem Telecom, Procono, SCN, Telecable Asturias, Vodafone, Vodafone M2M, Xfera
Zinnia, All Other Mobiles8.9¢
National Numbers901 Prefix0.7¢
All Others13.9¢
PremiumAll Premium Numbers50¢
Toll FreeAll Toll Free Numbers
SwedenLandlinesAll Landlines
MobilesAll Networks5.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers
SwitzerlandLandlinesAll Landlines1.4¢
MobilesComfone, Lycamobile11.9¢
Bebbicell, Swisscom, UPC Cablecom, All Other Mobiles31¢
Salt, Sunrise35¢
UkraineLandlinesAll Landlines10.9¢
MobilesAll Networks19.9¢
Special ServicesAll Numbers12.6¢
United KingdomLandlinesAll Landlines0.6¢
MobilesAll Networks2.3¢
Toll FreeAll Toll Free NumbersFree!
Vatican CityLandlinesAll Landlines1.8¢

Prices are shown in United States cents per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Incoming numbers are meant for average retail customer use and will be restricted to 2 incoming concurrent calls. This means that high volumes of incoming calls are not allowed. Incoming numbers are not to be used for call centers or business use where a large amount of incoming calls come in to each number. There will be a $0.01 surcharge assessed on a per call basis for each call to any incoming number that exceeds 100 calls per day per number.

Our low call rates

Rates per minute starting at:

South Africa9.8¢
United Arab Emirates15.9¢
United Kingdom0.6¢
United States0.5¢
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  • It’s terrific, your price is very good, nice call quality, I just love it, thanks.

    Alex - Twitter
  • Sick of expensive calls? Got lots of friends all over the place? Check out Localphone.com they rock!

    Marie J. - Twitter

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